PRL Announces Launch of Interactive Data Explorer

The Lab is excited to announce a new interactive Data Explorer for visualizing the America’s Political Pulse survey data.

One of the Lab’s core goals is providing free and accessible research and information about partisan animosity in America. The launch of the dashboard is a critical contribution to those seeking to understand and address political polarization with scientific data.  

The Data Explorer allows users to interact with America’s Political Pulse survey data in real time. Users can analyze and visualize data pulled from any of the various survey questions the Lab collects each week. Users can compare and contrast the survey respondents based on demographic or political characteristics–such as exploring how Democrats and Republicans differ on issues such as institutional trust or perceptions of fair treatment. We also allow users to explore the survey data questions based on the demographic characteristics at either the state or county level. It is our hope that the dashboard will be an indispensable tool for researchers, practitioners, educators, students, and media. An FAQ and tutorial is available in the Data Explorer. 

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