Sign the Pledge of Civility

“I pledge to choose civility when campaigning and while serving in office.

  • I will focus on issues and civil debate.
  • I will not engage in name calling or personal attacks on the candidate or their family.
  • I will avoid attack ads whenever possible.


Why sign a Pledge of Civility ? 

The Pledge of Civility is designed to lower political hostility in this country with an audited pledge from our future politicians and political staffers.

How will the Lab track who signs? 

The Lab will keep a running list of signatories on our public facing website. We will provide information about state, party and elections. 

We monitor the political rhetoric of all elected officials (those who sign the pledge and those who do not).  We will make these data public so that individual citizens can track how their elected officials contribute to partisan hostility.

While we hope signatories keep their commitments, PRL will not issue any penalties or remove signatories from the list.

Who should sign and when? 

Any individual with an interest or intent to run for elected office, regardless of when they plan to run or what office they plan to run for. In other words, sign the pledge now!